Impact within the Community

All funds raised by riders, volunteers, sponsors, and the community go directly to helping support cancer patients and families across the state.

Solaris Cancer Care is a community-based organisation supporting the emotional and physical health of people living with cancer. Established in Perth, now with programs and services throughout the state, Solaris is working for a better today for people with cancer. Through continued research, service development, and delivery aimed to address unmet needs, we can ensure the best possible care.

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Our Aims

The success of the Red Sky Ride will ensure the sustainability, growth and the continued delivery and advancement of patient-centred care. This includes the development of the following initiatives:

Solaris Cancer Care: Fiona Stanley, Murdoch
A new Cancer Support Centre within Fiona Stanley Hospital provides Solaris with a significant opportunity to both expand services, and expand the research and educational base, further enhancing the case for integrative oncology within Australia.


Rural and Regional Outreach
Regional and rural patients can experience additional stress due to isolation, additional travel requirements, and financial impact. Improving Solaris Cancer Care regional centres provide a local respite for families and patients, with an ongoing positive effect on the individual, their family, and the general community.


National Research Agenda
The development of a nation-wide partnership with major universities and allied health professionals dedicated to research in the field of integrative health care, setting a standard for patient-centred care in Australia.


Survivorship Program
Thanks to improved diagnosis and modern treatment techniques, the number of people surviving cancer continues to increase. This trend however does pose a new challenge in the overall care of cancer patients beyond initial treatment. Solaris is dedicated to investigating ideas to maximise the long-term health and well-being of cancer survivors.

Your Impact: A Year of Cancer Care

Through your support and generosity, Solaris Cancer Care provides support and care to the cancer community.

Services provided from July 2015 – June 2016.