Red Sky Ride 2014

About Red Sky Ride

Make a BIG impact on the West Australian cancer community and join us on the annual SolarisCare Red Sky Ride - Achieve Something Extraordinary.

What is the SolarisCare Red Sky Ride?

The SolarisCare Red Sky Ride is an event that focuses on ordinary people doing something extraordinary. The Red Sky Riders are people who want to make a difference in the lives of those living with cancer and their loved ones, people keen to test the limits of their endurance, and engage in a team event that offers unparalleled fellowship during a demanding and gruelling journey.

The Red Sky Ride is an 8-day endurance cycling event that begins in the Perth CBD and travels through the South West, with stays in Harvey, Dunsborough, Augusta, Bridgetown, Wagin and York before heading back to Perth. The convoy stops in many towns to participate in events led by local community organisations.

Participants not only commit to the ride itself, but also to raising significant funds in order to reach fundraising totals. Over the past seven years, participants have raised more than $2 Million to help the SolarisCare Cancer Support Centres maintain and increase their operations and delivery of free services to cancer patients and their carers.

Our main objectives for the SolarisCare Red Sky Ride are:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of ‘quality of life' and the available cancer support service for patients and carers across Western Australia.
  • To raise awareness of the SolarisCare Cancer Support Centres and the free services provided.
  • To raise funds for the SolarisCare Foundation.

Your involvement in this event will help provide free integrated care and support to cancer patients across West Australia.

Over 70,000 West Australian are living with cancer, you can help support them by supporting the ride.

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About the SolarisCare Foundation

Since its inception in 2001, the SolarisCare Foundation has strived to deliver vital care, support, information, education and complementary integrated therapies to cancer patients throughout Western Australia. SolarisCare believes that by treating a person’s mind and body alongside mainstream medical treatment, patients receive the best possible care and enhanced quality-of-life outcomes.

Although excellent resources are now available to treat cancer medically, SolarisCare Founder and noted Perth Haematologist Dr David Joske recognised that the emotional and supportive needs of cancer patients and their families were often overlooked.

It’s from this understanding of the multiple difficulties facing cancer patients that the SolarisCare Foundation was born. Dr Joske wanted to create a ‘soft place to land,’ where patients and carers could receive free support, information and access to safe and supervised complementary therapies that would support their mainstream treatment.

SolarisCare Cancer Support Centres at Sir Charles Gairdner and St John of God Hospitals in Perth, SolarisCare South West in Bunbury and SolarisCare Great Southern in Albany now have over 250 volunteers delivering over 8,000 free treatments each year.

In addition, the SolarisCare Foundation is working to help carers support their loved ones by providing free Carer’s Courses, as well as bereavement and survivorship programs. SolarisCare also offers comprehensive education programs for its volunteers, and employs a dedicated research team that have an ongoing role in investigating complementary therapies, exercise and psychosocial interventions in supportive cancer care.

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